The organization of the road transport national and international

We operate on Polish territory and throughout the European Union. The focus of our business is road national and international shipping. We make it based on experience and high qualifications of our employees. Thanks to the cooperation with reliable transport companies are able to meet all requirements of our customers. Time delivery, cargo security, integrity and rich experience is the ability to transport a wide range of products .:

  • goods for transport at controlled temperatures
  • food and merchandise neutral
  • dangerous goods bulk goods
  • neutral cargo

We also realize individual orders designed to meet the specific needs of each client.

Punctuality 100%

Reliability 100%

Security 100%

Air transport

Air transport offered as a supplement to the offer.

To meet the expectations of our customers have expanded our range of fast and reliable delivery form which is undoubtedly air transport. We offer:

  • shipment handling door-to-door
  • customs clearance
  • monitoring of shipments
  • express delivery

Strategy 100%

Innovative approach 100%

Oversized transport

Organization of heavy haulage

The organization and coordination of specialist transport, oversize is crucial in the midst of our services. The vast experience in the transport of abnormal loads allows our employees to significantly optimize costs carried out by your investment. We work only with the best carriers, ensuring both the safety of cargo as timely deliveries. We offer our experience and knowledge in terms of consulting and implementation of the transport fleet.

We specialize in transport:

  • construction (piling machines, cranes, excavators)
  • agricultural machinery (combine harvesters, presses, tractors)
  • long elements (elements of wind turbines, overhead)
  • industrial equipment (tanks, production lines)

The right mix of rolling stock and the pilot is the basis of our success!

Engagement 100%

Experience 100%

Individuality 100%

Maritime transport

The organization of maritime transport, and combined

Acting as an operator of maritime transport services we offer full container loads (FCL), general cargo (LCL), dangerous, and oversized. We suggest to choose the optimal variant of transportation by offering most ports in the world in relation door to door. Thanks to cooperation with the majority of the world’s renowned ocean line, in recent years carried out a number of intercontinental shipments.

Innovation 100%

Confidence 100%

Reliability 100%

think forward, think flexible...


About company


Trill-Trans company is primarily a family business which was founded thanks to customer demand for comprehensive logistics services in the field of freight transport. The company began operations in 2010, while in late 2013 renamed Trill-Trans has allowed to outline new prospects and expanding lines of business..


We employ a team of young, ambitious and experienced people for whom forwarding is a real passion. Our services closely tailored to the needs of our customers. We are a team of dedicated professionals who care about the highest level of service to our customers. With our expertise and flexible approach can meet even the most severe requirements!


We offer transport of goods from door to door based on maritime transport, aviation, road and rail. We provide friendly cooperation in convenient for your hours on the basis of what is best for you and your company. During the implementation of all shipments we provide detailed information on business objectives, and the implementation of the plan..

Range of Services

we will find best transport solutions!


Forwarding consulting

You can treat us as providers of transport services on demand, and primarily as consultants. Before you propose a suitable solution will do our best to understand your business. Your priorities, requirements and challenges facing you. Starting with the delivery of urgency and ending just on a comprehensive outsourcing solution. We focus on the key for you Issues, recommending the best methods of dealing regardless of whether they are our own solutions.

Our goal is the best price for transport, which is the basis of savings

Flexibility and suggestions of many solutions are the factors by which you can meet both everyday needs as well as those related to transport seasonal

Direct access to major transport networks

Continuous analysis of market prices that particular State financial benefits, cost optimization

Evidence of success, they are calculated and documented savings to our customers

Transportation outsourcing

We offer you professional help for complete billowing supply of goods. Thanks to our copyright outsourcing solutions we offer:

  • support related to the change in the terms of sale
  • complete analysis of the process from order to delivery of goods
  • identification of the capacity of freight
  • monitoring of suppliers to verify orders ready for shipment on time
  • Effective consolidation of supply
  • optimization of cargo
  • review of current business processes in order to identify possible improvements that contribute to actual savings in freight, better performance transports

Additional insurance in transport

We offer our customers additional services in the field of insurance consultancy and effective risk management. Additional insurance for example .: CARGO provides protection of cargo carried since leaving his place of origin until delivery to the destination. Also during loading, unloading and storing. This is an excellent form of supplement OC and OC Carrier Forwarder, through which goods in addition to the protection stemming from damages resulting from their guilt, effectively protect goods from any mishap.


To meet your individual expectations and enjoy your modern warehouse space located in sensitive goods for our logistics locations both in Poland and in the EU.

Stocked includes complete logistics processes in the service connected with transportations involving the handling and short-term storage as well as repackaging.

„Every organization made up of people, and those are priceless and capital. It’s their commitment, motivation, knowledge, experience, and above all desire to succeed depends on the image and the shape of each company „.

If you would like to be part of our team, you’re ambitious, you like a challenge and have the relevant substantive meeting to work as a domestic and international freight forwarder, please contact us! Send your CV and a covering letter to the address

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